A trademark is very important for your company because is serves as means of identification by your customers. In another business finds a way to infringe on your trademark, you risk of losing a lot, starting from your reputation to your profit. Every mark, symbol, and name associated with your company, products, and services are an intellectual property of your business. Therefore, it must be adequately legally protected. The only way to adequately protect your brand is to hire a trademark lawyer Miami who will navigate you through the legal system and handle the application process on your behalf.

Registering a Trademark with Professional Help

The process of registering the trademark of your company can be very complicated and time-consuming, especially if you don’t know what exactly you are doing. Getting a name for your business is not simple as it may sound and it always requires professional handling. For example, when you hire an attorney, he will search the records and ensure that your trademark or business name aren’t infringing on someone else’s rights. Sometimes you may think that your idea for a brand is unique, but the fact is someone you may not heard of have already come up with a similar idea. If that other person has legally protected his idea, you can’t register your own. As you can see, the whole matter can be rather complicated, that is why by having a trademark attorney by your side, you will be able to do a comprehensive search and ensure that you do not face any legal issues in the future.


Without a lawyer, you don’t have access to trademark records. The only way you can find whether or not you are infringing on other company’s rights is to do online research. The results you get will be credible, but they won’t be enough to make sure you can register your trademark without any potential problems. Without having complete results, there are always risks that you will infringe on someone’s rights, even though the infringement may end up being only phonetic. On the other hand, a lawyer will go through all national, federal and local law records to ensure you are completely safe when registering your trademark.

Registering a Trademark by Yourself

Making an application on your own behalf may be difficult because you simply aren’t aware of the process of registering a trademark. This process is filled with legal aspects that you may not recognize or understand, therefore you can easily make a mistake. Not only you may violate the rights of another company, but you may also overlook certain aspects that will leave a loophole for others to violate your trademark and brand. An attorney has gone through this process many times, and he will know how to handle the application with ease, making sure you are adequately protected.



If you want to hire an attorney to help you register your mark, search the internet or ask someone you trust for a referral. It is best to get references from people who have used their services in the past. Online reviews will also give you credible information and help you make the right decision on who to hire.