Intellectual property, although considered an intangible asset, is very valuable to an individual or a company that created it, therefore it must be adequately protected by intellectual property law. If you don’t claim ownership of your asset, sooner or later someone may infringe on your rights or even steal it. Just as any other tangible property, your invention or creative work must be properly cared for to ensure that your rights have not been jeopardized. In order to adequately keep your ideas safe, you need the assistance of local law firms for IP protection in Florida.

Protection and Profit

This is the number one reason why many individuals and companies are looking for legal representation. As an intellectual property often isn’t a physical object that you can touch and feel, it is very easy for thieves to copy it, manipulate it or claim it as their own. An attorney will help you register your IP and make sure it isn’t used without your authorization.


Many individuals and businesses often aren’t aware that they can make money off their creations. If you have created something that is valuable to this society, you can significantly profit from it. However, before you start doing this, you must protect it in order to make sure someone doesn’t take advantage of your good intentions. Unfortunately, most types of IP protection don’t last forever. You will have exclusive rights to your property for a certain amount of time, and to ensure those rights remain intact, you will have to re-file the paperwork and pay certain fees once in every few years. Your lawyer will keep track of those limits and ensure you re-register your creative work or invention in time.

When a patent expires, it is possible to acquire it for the exclusive use of your company. There is also an option to lease your patent to others and profit. An attorney will be able to tell you when a property becomes available and prepare you to acquire it.

Do You Need Intellectual Property Lawyers?

Whatever business you are in, you need to protect your IP. For example, if you are just starting a business, you should ensure that you are not infringing any rights of others before trying to register your trademark. You should also ensure your rights are protected by others. If you are buying a business, a lawyer can come to your aid and make sure you get the full transfer not only of tangible assets but also of all intellectual property. If you are looking to franchise your business, an IP attorney will help you protect your brand and trade secrets from other franchisees who would like to use it or copy it against your will. No matter what type of IP you want to protect, an IP attorney will know all the complexities about it and offer you the best advice on how to keep it safe. Managing your assets is not that simple as it may seem. To ensure that your property is always safe, hire a reputable intellectual property lawyer.